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Episode Nineteen

Posted on 2009.04.17 at 20:52
In which are explanations of many kinds
A contract the unwilling binds;
Mass is said, those words are read,
And a lady quite loses her head. 
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Episode Eighteen

Posted on 2009.02.21 at 11:25

In which graphs have been plotted,
Items are spotted,
And notes of adventures are jotted
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Episode Seventeen

Posted on 2008.08.01 at 17:52

In which men are found and women put away,
A horse is judged and warriors come to stay,
As understanding dawns without the light of day
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Episode Sixteen

Posted on 2008.04.28 at 20:30

In which a timely arrow flies
And a philosophy is learned;
The urge to pay is on the rise,
And warriors are burned.
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Episode Fifteen

Posted on 2008.03.29 at 00:59

In which cripples are laid to rest
And tempers are flying high
Competitors are full of zest
And lightning-fast blades fly
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Episode Fourteen

Posted on 2008.03.01 at 00:53

In which people get ready to leave
We hear the sound of three hands clapping
And see tense young women snapping
As avengers their assault concieve
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Episode Thirteen

Posted on 2007.12.15 at 10:11

In which girls are fretting idle,
beer is brought for drinkers rough,
adventurers through strange doors sidle,
and a lord has had enough
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Episode Twelve

Posted on 2007.10.13 at 03:45

In which an amber morning glows
Villagers a gauntlet throws
And questions are put to one who knows
What in the used goods market goes
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Episode Eleven

Posted on 2007.08.18 at 13:16

In which a larder is without loot,
A visage has been sooted,
A party proves to be a hoot,
And turnips are re-rooted
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Episode Ten

Posted on 2007.07.20 at 23:59

In which a dead man walks, warrior talks,
and mustelids are ratted out.
A seer is seen, a master is mean,
and our heroes go ballistic and shout
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